How to set up a Telegram bot

To be able to send event notifications in Telegram chats, groups and channels, create a Telegram bot and obtain a token for its managing.


This instruction is created based on the latest version of Telegram as of this writing. Due to possible changes to the procedures described here, we suggest that you consult the official Telegram documentation or contact their support in case you have any questions.

To create a Telegram bot, do the following:

  1. In Telegram, send the /newbot command to @BotFather.

  2. Follow the instructions and specify the following information:

  • Enter a name for your Telegram bot.

  • Enter a username for your bot. It must end with “bot” (such as NotificationsBot or notifications_bot).

  1. Copy the displayed token that is required to authorize your bot and send requests to the Bot API.

  2. In the B2Core Back Office, navigate to Systems > Settings.

  3. Paste the copied token into the Bot API Token field displayed under the Telegram Bot section.

  4. Click Save to apply the changes.