How to set up event notifications

You can set up event notifications to be sent to Back Office users through the following channels: email, SMS, Slack or Telegram.


The following prerequisites are required before setting up event notifications:

  • Create notification templates for each channel through which you plan to deliver event notifications. To do this, navigate to System > Templates, and then select a channel for which you want to create templates.

    To view the examples of email, SMS, Slack and Telegram templates, see Templates.

After fulfilling the prerequisites, set up an event notification as follows:

  1. Navigate to System > Event Notifications, and click +Create in the upper-right corner of the page.

  2. From the Event drop-down list, select an event for which you want to trigger notifications when the event occurs (see Event types for triggering event notifications for Back Office users).

  3. In the Description field, specify a short description for the event notification.

  4. In the Users field, specify the email addresses of Back Office users that will receive notifications. To add all Back Office users to the list of notification recipients, click All users.

  5. Enable one or several channels to deliver notifications. The available options: Email, Sms, Slack and Telegram.

  • After enabling the Email or Sms option, expand the Template drop-down list and select a notification template.

Email and SMS notification channels
  • After enabling the Slack or Telegram option, do the following:

    • Select Private to send notifications to the recipients as direct Slack or Telegram messages.

      The messages are sent to the chats that are specified in the Slack chat Id and Telegram chat Id fields on the Back Office user details page.

    • Select Group to send notifications to a specific group or channel.

    • In the displayed Group Id field, specify the identifier of a group or channel to which notifications will be delivered (see How to get Telegram chat, group and channel identifiers).

    • From the Template drop-down list, select a notification template.

Slack and Telegram notification channels
  1. From the Enabled drop-down list, select Enabled to send notifications after the selected event occurs.

  2. Click Save to save the notification settings.