On this page, you can manage templates used to send event notifications to Back Office users via Telegram.

For Telegram, templates are supported for the following three types of events:

  • EventLogUserTagged

  • PayoutRequestInitialized

  • TestPassing

General information

The following information is provided about each template:


The template name.


The template description.


If Yes, a template is enabled and can be used for event notifications; otherwise, No.

To view the template details, click the Edit button.


In the Template field, you can view or slightly edit the template text.

Supported Telegram templates

Use the Telegram templates provided below for notifications about supported event types. These templates contain keys that are replaced with relevant values when the event occurs and the notification is sent to recipients.


The template to notify Back Office users when are were mentioned in comments added to the Events log.

{email} mentioned {noticed} in his comment. {route} {comment}


The template for notifications about withdrawal requests created by clients:

Project: {frontUrl}|{companyName}
Type: Payout
Payout number: {urlMetaDetails}|{metaId}
Client Email: mailto:{clientEmail}|{clientEmail}
Task: check and approve the {urlRequestDetails}|withdrawal


The template for notifications about accreditation tests completed by clients.

Project: {frontUrl}|{companyName}
Test: testName
Request number: {urlRequestDetails}|{applicationId}
Client Email: mailto:{clientEmail}|{clientEmail}