Release Notes

September 14, 2021

New Features

  • Files Migration Tool

    A new Files Migration Tool is added, and allows you to move client files between directories simply by choosing the required directory in the Directory field of the Edit File tab. Files can only be moved to another directory of the same client.

  • B2BinPayv2 Rate Provider Integration

    A new rates provider is integrated – B2BinPayv2.

  • New PS integrations

    Two more payment systems integrations — Whish and Api-Pay. For Api-Pay, the following options are available: deposits, withdrawals, update of deposited funds upon a callback.

  • Root Folders Restrictions

    A new section is added to System > Settings that lets an admin limit or grant selected users an access to root folders.


  • New event log message feature was added to Clients > Details > Event Log, that sends an event log message to admins tagged in a message.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a GBPay callback issue where Trader’s Room did not recognize the callback sent by the payment system.

  • Fixed a GBPay integration issue where the generated Reference number, consisting of numbers, upper, and lowercase letters was not accepted by the payment system that only takes numbers and uppercase letters.

  • Fixed an incorrect displaying of empty values in Total Amount in Payments > Deposits.

  • Fixed an issue in Accounts table settings where unticking Hide zero balance option was not refreshing the table back to the full list.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing 2FA settings to be displayed as Disabled, for users that had 2FA option enabled.

August 31, 2021

New Features

  • Transaction Receival Event

    Added a new event type — SuccessfulOperation, which sends POST requests to a provided external URL upon receiving a new successful transaction: deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or exchange.

  • Balance Receival Event

    Added another new event type — AccountBalanceReceived, which checks balances of SMS providers every 12 hours and sends email notification if the balance is low. Also, the corresponding email template was added — BalanceSmall.

  • GB Pay Integration

    A new payment system was integrated — GB Pay.

  • Client Data Synchronization

    To the SumSub settings added a new action — Sync Data, which starts the synchronization of documents and personal data (First Name, Last Name, etc.) about the client for clients with a verification level higher than 0. The execution can be checked in logs. Action triggering is allowed once an hour.


  • Added a separate group of access rights for the Event Log tab of the client’s details.

  • For B2Margin and B2Margin Cash platforms, when you change the email in the Trader’s Room, the email on the platform changes.

  • B2Trader platform settings are migrated to External connections.

  • Added the templates of email notifications on new deposits and rejected deposits. By default, the template of email notifications on new deposits is disabled.

  • Removed the following fields from the Services tab of the client’s details: Service Setup Fee, Service Monthly Fee, Service Sign Date.

  • To the parameter constructor in Services added the following types: text, numeric, date, select, multiselect, checkbox.

  • When archiving demo accounts, funds checking is now skipped and the account can be archived straight away.

  • The Nexmo provider was adapted to a new brand – Vonage.

  • Adjusted the Toshimart integration so that First Name, Last Name and Email are now taken from the client automatically.

  • Adjusted KYT integration with SumSub so that now exactly wallets that were used in the transaction are sent for the check.

  • Adjusted the BPay integration for external deposits with adding a new provider — BPayExternal.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused markups to be ignored in the calculation of the final deposit amount in deposits with conversion.

  • Fixed an issue due to which disabled countries were still available for selection at registration.

  • Fixed an issue which caused session expiration at the login page due to the slow connection.

  • For Windows 10, fixed an issue which caused widgets refresh after switching to another tab in Google Chrome.

  • Fixed infinite redirect when switching to the Exchange page after login.

  • Fixed incorrect display of percentages on progress bars of bonus widgets.

  • Fixed an issue due to which any indicator added to TradingView disappeared after switching to another page.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the auth request was sent after each click.

  • Fixed an issue due to which anti-phishing code didn’t accept values ​​written in Cyrillic.

  • Fixed incorrect margin level calculation for OneZero accounts. New correct formula is:

    Margin Level = Margin Used [Equity Free Margin] / Equity * 100% = (1 Free Margin/Equity) * 100%

  • Fixed an issue due to which in the email notification about withdrawal request, the codes of custom fields were displayed instead of their names.

August 3, 2021

New Features

  • Tagging and Notifying an Admin

    The dropdown list was added to the Event Log tab of the client’s details when creating a new comment. Use the dropdown list to tag an admin. The admin will be notified via the new icon, which was added to the upper toolbar. By clicking the icon, and then clicking a message, the admin will be redirected to the client’s details Event Log tab.

  • Directories

    The functionality of using directories (folders) was implemented for the Files tab of the client’s details.

  • AdvCash Withdrawal Channels

    Added AdvCash withdrawal channels inside the provider, now you can configure the channel on System > Payout system > Payout methods page in the admin panel.


  • External system id field was added to Services > List, as well as to the service creation form.

  • Improvements to Services > Clients:

    • New fields: Client internal type, Client type, Company short, Company long, Tags, and Manager.

    • ID is clickable and leads to the client’s details.

    • The Service name is clickable and leads to service details.

    • Email is clickable and is copied to the clipboard.

  • Simple Exchange in Adv UI now supports switching between buy and sell operations. For example, you can switch BTC/USDT market to USDT/BTC.

  • We merged B2Margin & B2Margin Cash into a single platform. The configuration was partly moved to External Accounts for ease of use.

  • We have enhanced BPay integration, making it possible to receive callbacks from external systems and crediting end-user by checking user ID in the details.

  • Now you can view the service details on the Services tab of client’s details even if you lack the permissions to edit it.

  • B2Trader authorization is now using tokens instead of cookies.

  • The export functionality of Finance > Exchange and Finance > Transfers pages was improved by optimizing requests to the datab.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed value rounding for Amount and Final amount fields, when exporting Finance > Deposits.

  • Fixed an issue, which allowed the withdrawal of an unpermitted asset using account_id.

  • For B2Trader Adv UI, fixed an issue, which caused spontaneous page refreshing.

  • Fixed an issue due to which page horizontal scrolling failed to return to default value after pulling widgets outside the border on the Dashboard page.

  • Fixed an issue that caused TwilioPhone to not appear in the external connection list.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the CoinGecko rates provider not to display rates.

  • Fixed an issue, which caused a logout error of an authorized user, when changing user status to Inactive.

  • Fixed an issue, which prevented you from seeing the Anti-Phishing Code in emails.

  • Fixed an issue, which could cause an infinite redirect while opening the Exchange page.

  • Fixed an issue, which caused the added Anti-Phishing Code not to display if SMS 2FA is enabled.

July 20, 2021

New Features

  • Twilio Voice Integration

    The new Twilio Phone provider was added to External Connections. Set it up to be able to dial a client from the personal info page.

  • CoinGecko Integration

    CoinGecko API integration. The opensource rates provider.

  • Profile > Security

    Several blocks were moved to, and new blocks added to the Profile > Security page:

    • Address Management moved from Settings.

    • Two-factor authentication moved from Settings.

    • Added Anti-Phishing Code block (4–20 non-special characters). Becomes available after enabling Google Authenticator.

    • Added Device Management block which displays the list of trusted devices.


  • The SMTP server settings were added to the admin panel in the Mailing section. It is possible to configure the email storage period, the resend, and the deletion of an unsent email.

  • Added a monitoring feature to prevent the abusive activity with Adv UI. If more than 20 widgets were added or more than 20 resizes/movements were performed within a minute, the user will be prompted to reset the Workspace and stop the abusive activity.

  • Optimized export of payouts lists. Download speed increased up to 4 times, email sending speed increased up to 3.5 times.

Bug Fixes

  • For BetaTransfer PSP, fixed an issue that caused the return of the incorrect currency list during the creation of funds withdrawal method in admin panel.

  • Fixed the TradingView widget, which could display incorrect data after socket reconnection.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the TradingView widget refused to resize the chart.

  • Fixed an issue due to which during the deposit/withdrawal method changing, the rate of the previous method was displayed.

  • Fixed an issue due to which always the first currency was deposited in case multiple PS Currencies are used.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the dropdown lists to stick to the screen while scrolling the page.

July 6, 2021

New Features

  • Payout Method Constructor

    The Constructor payout provider has been added. General settings are identical to other providers, but with an additional Custom Fields block, which has an Add Field option. Fields names can be edited. Fields values can be set when creating a payout and also will be available in the corresponding client’s request.

  • New PS Integrations

    Two more payment systems integrations — Kassa24, Betatrfansfer.


  • Optimized export of clients, accounts and payments lists. Download speed increased up to 4 times, email sending speed increased up to 3.5 times.

  • Payeer settings were migrated to External Connections. Now B2Core owners can configure the exact channel of Payeer payout in the method settings in order to configure separate commissions/naming etc. for different channels.

  • For B2Margin Cash, added the possibility to authorize to the trading UI with a token.

  • For PrimeXM, added request settings for transfers.

  • To the Deposits and Payouts tables, added the Final Currency field — currency in which funds were credited/debited. For more convenience, this field is also displayed in the tables on the Finance tab in client’s details, along with the Rate currency and Rate (USD) fields.

  • When searching by IP in Security, the Hide IP duplicates option is now available. Enable it to group entries by unique email + IP pairs.

  • 4-hour candle timeframe added to the TradingView widget.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which, in the Trade history widget, lots values were set to 0 for all instruments.

  • Fixed display name for internal client type “agent”.

  • Fixed an issue due to which, during payouts with conversion when only one PS currency is available, the incorrect destination currency was displayed in the Back Office.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the link to a specific currency pair did not work on the Public exchange and all widgets displayed the default currency pair.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the New Deposit Amount option affected the deposit amount in destination currency (TR Currency) instead of source currency (PS Currency).

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Fee Product value on the Trades tab in the client’s details were not displayed.

June 22, 2021

New Features

  • PrimeXM Integration

    Now it is possible to configure connection to the PrimeXM platform and retrieve clients accounts. In the Back Office detailed information on balance, equity, margin, PnL, transfers from/to the account will be displayed. In the Trader’s Room, PrimeXM accounts will be displayed on the Wallets page.

  • New PS Integrations

    Four new payment systems were integrated — Emerchantpay, Ramp, Axcess, Casso.

  • Simple Exchange for B2Trader

    A new widget has been added to the advanced UI. Simple Exchange provides the ability to exchange currencies via FOK orders if both wallets are on the B2Trader platform.


  • Now all custom fields of the rate provider are checked for validity. Also, if the provider is just created and has a password field, it will be created disabled; when trying to enable the provider with an empty password field, an error message will appear.

  • Bonus details for the client now display the fields that were set when the bonus was created.

  • B2Margin Cash logins are now stored in the Trader’s Room.

  • After reaching max inactivity, the accounts are no longer archived, only the trading option is disabled.

  • For Banners and Announcements, the Button URL field has been added. If the value is specified, by clicking on the button, the client will be redirected to the specified URL.

  • When creating MetaTrader accounts, it is now available to select the Investor Only template which contains no Password, only Investor Password.

  • A new type of client request has been added to quickly filter requests related to Introducing brokers.

  • Added romanian language to API.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused an error when trying to view exchange details.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Internal Transfer item was not displayed in the menu for some clients despite the access rights.

  • Fixed an issue due to which empty wallets list was displayed when loading the Wallet page.

  • Fixed an issue due to which accounts which require approval were created without requests.

  • For Introducing brokers, fixed sorting and filters by country, latitude, longitude and position lifetime.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the language select window was not properly displayed in the exchange interface.

  • Fixed the gaps on the TradingView widget which occurred when zooming out and scrolling the chart.

  • Fixed incorrect translations in payout requests.

June 8, 2021

New Features

  • Hedging Fail Handler

    A new type was added to Events. You can now receive email or Slack notifications which contain transaction ID upon hedging failed for exchange operations.

  • Request Receival Handler

    Another new type was added to Events, which sends email notifications when a request of a specific type is created.

  • B2Trader Platform Support in IB

    Another trading platform was added — B2Trader. Connection to the platform and commission payment plan can be configured in the B2Core Back Office.


  • Now verification level cannot be saved if a non-existing class is specified as a wizard.

  • In the Registration wizard fields constructor, the Label field value is now mandatory.

  • Several improvements for the B2Margin Cash platform:

    • In the account details, the trading platform groups are now displayed and can be edited.

    • In the product details, it is now possible to set several platform groups.

    • When editing the platform group of a product or B2Margin Cash platform account, only one group in one domain is allowed.

  • Added nonce value to the private API requests to B2Trader platform. Nonce is a 64-bit integer which is unique within a 22 seconds time interval in the frame of the used public key. It is used to improve the security of trading methods. Applicable for B2Core with B2TraderShadow platform configured for exchange hedging purposes.

  • For B2Trader platform authorization, tokens are now used instead of cookies.

  • The value of the currently active external connection is now sent in the snsHost field for the verification request.

  • In Introducing brokers, base and quote currencies were added to symbol details, trades details, and reward details.

  • In Introducing brokers, naming was reworked and improved for reward states and details, trade details, and symbol details. Data displaying was reorganized to improve convenience.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Open Orders widget displayed zero in Price of limit orders.

  • Fixed an issue that caused unexpected error when canceling an order.

  • Fixed the expired session problem when re-logging to the Trader’s Room in Safari.

  • Fixed an issue that caused slow data loading when re-switching to the exchange tab in the Trader’s Room.

  • For the Trading View widget, fixed default chart type. Now it’s always Candles.

  • Fixed the behavior of the Remove tooltip, which did not disappear after deleting an entry in the WatchList widget.

  • For MT4 and MT5 Accounts, fixed an issue due to which accounts data was not displayed if there were no transactions.

  • Fixed incorrect displaying of connected B2BinPay v2 wallets when configuring deposit method.

  • Fixed calculations for deposit methods with conversion.

May 26, 2021

New Features

  • SumSub KYB

    When changing the client type (individual/corporate), the client’s verification level in the Trader’s Room and verification system will be set to 0. Re-verification will be required. This option is available if Client Resetting Mode is enabled in External Connections for SNS. It is disabled by default.

  • Event Log

    A new tab was added to the client’s details. On this tab you can add notes and commentaries about the client. Supported text formatting, hyperlinks, attachments, replies and message editing.

  • Parameter constructor for Services

    It is now possible to configure additional parameters for each service. When adding a service to a client, these fields will be required.

  • TopChange Pay Integration

    We have integrated a new payment system — TopChange Pay.

  • IB Symbols Export

    Now it is possible to export settings to CSV, change the formula and then import these symbol settings in the same or in a different IB Type. The Export button is available on the Symbols tab of IB Type details.

  • Min position lifetime

    New parameter was added to MT4 and MT5 platforms in Introducing brokers. If a position was closed earlier than the min position lifetime, it is not taken into account in rewards calculating.


  • We have significantly enhanced our authorization technology.

  • iDenfy and IDM settings were moved to External Connections.

  • Optimized rates receiving from CryptoCompare. Now instead of sending a request for every pair we accumulate the pairs and send one request for all.

  • New supported formats on the Files tab in the client’s details: DOC, DOCX, XLSX, CSV, PAGES, NUMBERS, ZIP.

  • API Key in B2TraderShadow platform configuration is now visible.

  • Now every export request can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Asynchronous balances are now updated right on the open page with no need to refresh.

  • Added PostgreSQL reporting support for MT5 in Introducing brokers.

  • In Introducing brokers, tier ID was replaced with tier name.

  • Min position lifetime parameter was added to MT4 and MT5 platforms in Introducing brokers. If a position was closed earlier than the min position lifetime, it is not taken into account in rewards calculating.

  • Added MaxMind diagnostics to Introducing brokers services.

  • IB now supports PostgreSQL reporting for MT5 apart from being only MySQL before.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused user to be banned due to Client Rights release.

  • Fixed an issue due to which Transaction Monitoring sent email notifications on “green” transactions.

  • Fixed an issue due to which on mobile devices deleting the Wallets Overview widget removed also the Quick Links widget.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Add Widget link was displayed over the banner when creating a new workspace.

  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the Verification widget after re-login.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the trades history was not updated after disconnecting the exchange.

April 27, 2021

New Features

  • Clients Access Rights

    You no longer have to manage client rights from different parts of the Back Office. Clients access rights management has been moved to the Clients Rights subsection in the System. You can create and edit access levels, assign a level to a client from the details of his profile, etc.

  • Transaction Verifying Handler

    A new type was added to Events. You can now receive email notifications once a RED transaction is detected in Transaction Monitoring (KYT SumSub). The notification contains transaction details and risk score.

  • Account Created Handler

    Another new event type, which sends POST requests to a provided external URL when opening an account for a client. Request body contains the client’s identifiers, account number, and product details.

  • BPay, Zaha and Toshimart Integration

    We have integrated three new payment systems — BPay, Zaha and Toshimart.

  • IB Reports

    The Reports section has been added. At the moment, Acquisition report and Payment report are available.

  • IB API Clients

    You can now connect your application and get API access to them via the Back Office. In Services > Security > API Clients, you can add an API client and get Client ID and Client Secret. You can delete the clients also, if necessary.


  • Integration with ChillPay has been adapted for payment statuses, success and error URLs were added to the method configuration.

  • Added validation to the Lots per unit field in Bonus Presets. Now zero value cannot be saved.

  • Balances on all remaining (Transfer, Deposit, Withdraw, MT5, MT4, Internal Transfer) pages are now updated asynchronously for quick and correct displaying of information.

  • The Wizards functionality has been improved: repeated signals of already completed wizards steps are blocked.

  • For the IB section, we have reworked and optimized the naming of entities related to Symbols.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Download file button did not work when exporting reports.

  • Fixed CSV-template for reports exporting.

  • Fixed an issue due to which client’s data from SumSub were not displayed in the client’s profile.

  • Fixed incorrect display of the password recovery window.

  • Fixed infinite loader in Safari when trying to load history in trading account details.

  • Fixed an issue due to which filter by clients registration date in IB did not work.

  • Fixed an issue due to which in the Firefox browser the tooltip was hidden behind currency balances on the Pie Chart Widget.

  • Fixed an issue that caused wrong caption when depositing with the Wire method.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when interacting with Mercurio, if the client did not have the country value specified.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Need help link in the footer could not correctly process HTML formatting.

April 13, 2021

New Features

  • EeziePay and 9PAY integration

    We have integrated two new payment systems — EeziePay and 9PAY.

  • B2Margin Platform Groups Editing

    Added the ability to remove/add trading platform groups for accounts. It is now possible to select several platform groups, but only one group in the domain. New functionality is available in account details.


  • In Antifraud, to the Identical IP Used By Multiple Accounts event, the Verification Level Monitor setting has been added, which allows you to specify the verification levels of the clients you want to check.

  • For B2Margin, it is now possible to authorize in the Trading UI by token.

  • For B2Trader, a special comment is displayed for the operation when the hold is returned.

  • Monitoring and running of processes Introducing Brokers is now more convenient: we have analyzed and improved the captions of processes, making them more declarative.

  • We have added validation for Options Type of the select field in the Registration Wizard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which in the Back Office it was possible to create a withdrawal request with an empty value of the withdrawal wallet.

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect behavior (infinite loading, drag-and-drop block) of MT4/MT5 Payment Accounts and Trading Accounts widgets after they were added to the Trader’s Room dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the chart on the TradingView widget was not displayed for day/week/month time intervals.

  • Fixed an issue due to which First Transfer Activation option for trading did not work.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the theme of the chart did not change if at the time of changing the theme of the Trader’s Room it had not yet loaded.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the language of the interface was not displayed if only one localization was available.

March 30, 2021


  • Antifraud updates:

    • We have added a check for unauthorized changes in the user’s verification level.

    • Information about all clients are now displayed in details of the Identical IP Used By Multiple Account notification.

  • MetaTrader5 platform and product updates:

    • The First Transfer Activation switch has been added to the product settings. If Enabled, all accounts are created with the Trade Enabled right turned off, this right is added upon the first successful transfer to the account.

    • The Max Inactivity field has been added to the platform settings. All accounts with a balance less than or equal to 0, for which there have been no balance transactions for more days than specified in this field, will be archived. The check runs once a week.

  • We have migrated Helpdesk settings to External Connections. Now B2Core owners can configure Helpdesk by themselves with no waiting from the B2Core team.

  • CryptoCompare Rates provider integration was adjusted to be able to insert a secret key in provider details.

  • We have added notifications about long report generation.

  • Vpay integration updates. Account parameter was moved to provider settings.

  • Now only admins with Update client’s request permission can audit requests.

  • We removed the non-relevant Account number field from the Total Balance pie chart.

  • Background images for banners are now supported for all pages. Previously we supported it only for the dashboard page.

  • Balances on the Dashboard and Wallets pages are now updated asynchronously for quick and correct displaying of information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which an incorrect set of fields was displayed during Advanced registration for select, multiselect types with no configured options.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Hide zero balance flag was missing in Accounts.

  • Fixed an issue due to which request color settings could not be applied.

  • Fixed validation process for advanced Registration step fields with numeric values ​​of the Name attribute.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Amount missing in the Trades History.

  • Fixed problems with Signing in with desktop Safari.

  • Fixed an issue with the Asset widget where not all assets were displayed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Trading View widget freezing in place when dragging-and-dropping and resizing adjacent widgets on the Dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue due to which a newly created wallet was displayed only after the page refresh.

  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect fee calculation display for Buy Limit orders.

  • Fixed an issue due to which notifications upon ticket status changing were not displayed and some other small fixes in Helpdesk.

  • Fixed an issue due to which for some clients 2FA confirmation via sms was unavailable.

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect tier fee displaying for some clients.

March 16, 2021

New Features

  • Device Management

    Device management provides an opportunity to take a unique “fingerprint” for each client login. Each fingerprint contains a set of data about the login and device. A list of devices is available on the Devices tab in client details.


  • We have added asynchronous updating of balances, which significantly speeds up the loading of user accounts.

  • We have added a profile picture and a nickname to Client Profile.

  • The Connections subsection was renamed to External Connections to improve clarity. For each connection, the Type field was added, which currently supports two values: Payment system and Other. Now when creating a new Deposit/Payout method only connections with Payment system type are available for selection. Also, the Enable/Disable option was added to connection details.

  • We have migrated SumSub configuration into the External Connections. Now B2Core owners can configure the integration by themselves with no waiting from the B2Core team.

  • Clients who are not connected to SumSub can now disable transaction monitoring. It is also possible now to specify a list of currencies to monitor. New settings are available in External Connections.

  • The Comment field was added to Services List and Services Groups.

  • Antifraud notifications can now be filtered by Responsible admin users.

  • Exceptions for antifraud notifications can now be set for the pattern of email addresses. For example, if the exception rule is created for user*, the antifraud system will not be triggered for any address which starts with user and ends with like, etc.

  • Now we process callbacks without transaction IDs from B2BinPay v2.

  • For deposit/payouts via WireDocuments provider admin users can now edit the amount of a transaction directly in the request.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which some clients could see infinite loading when viewing client accounts.

  • Fixed an issue that causes incorrect HTML displaying of the customer agreement on the registration page.

  • Fixed an issue due to which export of accounts by currencies did not work for some clients.

  • Fixed a rule which caused problems with the first name and last name fields when registering.

  • Fixed an issue that caused problems with verification levels via SumSub.

  • Fixed an issue due to which permissions for Clients Requests worked incorrectly.

  • Fixed problems with proxying requests at the server level.

  • Fixed Offline notification in the Trader’s Room interface.

  • Fixed an issue due to which some labels in the Trader’s Room interface could be displayed incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue due to which order book in the Trading UI of B2Trader and B2Margin could be displayed incorrectly after long inactivity.

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect display of the absent rate in the Total Balance widget.

March 2, 2021

New Features

  • Wallets Overview Widget

    We have completed yet another Dashboard widget, the most representative and informative one, now end-users are able to check their asset balances and its USD-equivalent in both card and pie chart view.

  • Wizards v2

    We have completely reworked and polished wizards functionality, which provides you with an opportunity to configure on the side of the Back Office some parts of business logic, like registration, password recovery, profile changing, verification, etc. Each wizard has a list of steps available for installation and a list of default steps. The System > Wizards section is now available in the menu. We keep working on improvements.

  • AS Technologies and Jeton Wallet Integration

    We have integrated two new payment systems — AS Technologies and Jeton Wallet.


  • We have developed Public Adv UI for all our B2Trader Exchange clients. This feature is available upon account manager contact.

  • Now when changing the email of a user with the B2Trader platform through the Back Office, the email will be automatically changed also on the platform.

  • Balance (USD) and Balance (EUR) fields were added to clients accounts.

  • We added several adjustments to the iDenfy integration to make it even more efficient.

  • We have improved handling of unsuccessful hedging. Now hedging status and logs are available in transaction details.

  • We have added transfer details, where you can also see Request Info if the transfer was made via the request.

  • We added Address Management to the Security section, where you can see which addresses the client has added to the whitelist.

  • We added Final Amount and Final Currency to Deposits and Payouts tables.

  • Now you can see which admin has added a comment on the Compliances Tab.

  • No more double verification for Mercuryo payment system: we can now use the SumSub token for it.

  • We have changed the logic of calculation of Min Deposit Amount in product details, it will ignore the restriction in case of 0 or empty value.

  • We have made several adjustments to make Back Office tables more efficient and quicker to load.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which account balances in crypto were displayed with wrong precision.

  • Fixed an issue due to which historical info on email changing was not displayed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Back Office freezing after transfer creation.

  • Fixed Antifraud false alerting for identical phone number used by multiple accounts.

  • Fixed an issue due to which Blockchain fee for withdrawals via B2BinPay v.2 were not displayed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Bank Wire Local to not display information correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with permissions due to which the Client Services section could be unavailable for editing.

  • Fixed an issue that caused workspaces to reset after the refresh.

  • Fixed an issue due to which all widgets switched to default currency pair after page refresh.

  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect navigation by clicking on the logo.

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect values of 24h Volume/Change parameters in the Watchlist widget.

February 16, 2021

New Features

  • Audit of Financial Operations

    We have developed and implemented an audit algorithm that checks financial transactions and calculates abnormal discrepancies. New Audit button is now available in Clients > Requests.

  • Sofort Integration

    We have integrated a new payment system — Sofort.


  • We are proud to present Mailing 1.1 — we added:

    • sending an email to all customers at once,

    • importing recipients from a CSV file,

    • attachments to an email,

    • a visual editor for HTML tags,

    • a preview of an email,

    • easier template creation and saving an email as a template,

    • webhooks for Sendgrid.

  • We have improved hedging: now it can be enabled/disabled for a currency pair, and when exchanging hedging can be disabled for certain types of clients.

  • We unified transaction details for client requests. Now withdraw requests through all providers will show transaction details entered by end-user.

  • Now we can process more State codes for PAMM IB.

  • Upgraded twilio/sdk to version 6.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which a rejection reason was not displayed in the email notifications on a failed deposit.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the Created field was not displayed at exporting of transfers.

  • Fixed an issue that caused showing the incorrect currency for deposits with conversion.

  • Fixed an issue due to which user restrictions (such as Client Tag) did not apply to export.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when trying to create an applicant that already exists in SumSub.

  • Fixed an issue due to which wrong MT5 Accounts were displayed in client’s details.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Access denied error for Client Services and Services Groups editing with appropriate permissions enabled.

  • Fixed an issue with failed deposits and actualized integration with Sticpay.

  • Fixed several issues in B2Trader Advanced UI, such as non-working light theme, infinite redirect when clicking on the logo, and other small fixes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused products to ignore Restrictions with Auto Creation on Login turned on.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Multiple IP Addresses to trigger with failed authorizations.

February 2, 2021

New Features

  • SumSub Transaction Monitoring

    We have developed a completely new KYT functionality through SumSub integration. Now our clients who are connected to SumSub will be able to check their transactions and see the risk scores, where the money came from and all key signals about it. The new functionality was added to the Security > Transaction Monitoring section.

  • Vpay Integration

    We have integrated a new payment system — Vpay.


  • We have reworked integrations with B2Margin and B2Trader to provide more stability and efficiency to these services.

  • We have reworked B2TraderShadow needed for a converter hedging purposes platform to be connected through API keys that can be generated in the B2BX cabinet.

  • CoinmarketCap rates provider integration was updated and is now fully functional.

  • MT Accounts in the Back Office are now divided into tabs corresponding to the active platforms, to optimize loading and visualization of the tables.

  • Added Deposit Wallets export functionality to the Back Office.

  • All B2Trader’s clients are now switched to a new updated, optimized advanced UI.

  • For top-ups with conversion we have removed unnecessary currency selection if there is only one currency available.

  • Other small UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which 2FA stayed enabled for the enduser after disabling it from the Back Office.

  • Fixed an issue due to which multiple products with Liquidity type could be created.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the admins with specified client tags could not create new clients. Now a new client is created with the same tags as the admin.

  • Fixed an issue that caused blue Error snackbar to show on the login page.

  • Fixed an issue that could break monthly reports generation.

  • Fixed an issue that caused infinite loading of transfers table.

  • Fixed an issue due to which Ignored symbol groups selector was empty during bonus or bonus preset creation.

  • Fixed an issue due to which mobile numbers were displayed as confirmed while they were not, as twilio was not connected.

  • Fixed an issue that could not proceed Simplex deposit payment.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Decta payment gateway payments to stay in New status even though they were successful on the payment gateway side.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the login page to freeze sometimes when trying to log in.

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect layout display of verification levels in Trader’s Room.

  • Fixed an issue due to which charts were not displayed in the trading view.

  • Fixed an issue due to which the payment details set in wire-custom were not displayed.