Deploying your Android app

In addition to creating standalone desktop solutions, B2Core offers you assistance with publishing branded mobile applications for iOS and Android.

In this document, you can find detailed instructions on how to properly prepare your Android app to speed up its approval and successful publication on Google Play Store.


All trademarks, logos and brand names referenced in this document are the property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this document are for identification purposes only. The use of these names, trademarks and brands does not imply endorsement.

Step 1. Create and configure a demo account in the B2Core UI

To be able to review all of your app’s functionality, the Google review team needs access to a demo account. You can configure the demo account for your app in the B2Core Back Office as follows:

  • Verify your demo account by going through all the steps of the account verification procedure. Contact your Account Manager for assistance with configuring the verification procedure in the B2Core Back Office.

  • In the Back Office, examine and enable all the B2Core UI modules that will be featured in your mobile app. Each module must be properly configured to ensure that your mobile app will not be rejected by the App Store during review.

  • If your app enables its users to transfer or exchange assets, you also need to make sure that there are enough funds on your demo account, so that the App Store review team is able to check the transfer and exchange functionality as well.

Step 2. Create a Google Play developer account

At this step, you need to register a Google Play developer account using your Gmail address.


As of this writing, Google doesn’t provide strict requirements as to whether you must create a Google Play account as a private person or as an organization or business in order to deploy cryptocurrency wallet or exchange apps.

Please consult the Google guidelines and choose the option that is appropriate for you, considering the jurisdiction under which your business operates, your country of residence and all applicable license requirements.

Fill out the form provided by Play Console to specify your profile details and confirm your contact information.


When choosing the categories of apps that you plan to publish by using Play Console, be sure to select the appropriate categories, such as Cryptocurrency wallet or exchange apps if your brokerage app supports dealing in cryptocurrency.

After filling out the form and confirming that you’ve read and understood all the terms, you must pay the developer registration fee.

For detailed instructions on creating your Play developer account, refer to How to use Play Console.

Step 3. Grant the access and admin permissions to the B2Core team

For the B2Core team to be able to configure your app in Google Play Console, you need to grant the full admin permissions to our team. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to your Google Play Console account, and then select Users and permissions in the main menu.

  2. Click Invite new user and add a user with the B2Broker email:

While you are on this page, make a screenshot showing this email. Later on, you will be asked to send this screenshot to your Account Manager to make sure that you specified the correct email (see Step 5 of this guide).

  1. In Permissions, switch to Account permissions and select Admin (all permissions).

Google Play Console — Grant admin permissions

Step 4. Create and set up your app

To set up your app in Play Console, proceed as follows:

  1. Select All apps in the main menu, and then click Create app.

  2. Next, specify the app details, which include:

  • the app name as it will appear in Google Play

  • the app’s default language

  • in App or game, select App

  • in Free or paid, select Free (recommended)

  1. Enable all the checkboxes indicating that you accept all the terms, and then click Create app to proceed.

Google Play Console — Create app
  1. Select Dashboard in the main menu, and then expand the Set up your app menu.

You are then required to go through a series of steps to properly configure your app. These steps are described further in this guide.

Google Play Console — Set up your app
  • Set privacy policy

    Specify the URL of a page describing your app’s privacy policy, which must be compliant with Google Play Developer Program Policies and satisfy legal requirements.

    You can specify this URL later under Policy and programmers > App content in the Google Play Console main menu.

  • App access


    For your app to be accepted by the Google review team, it is important that you select the following option: All or some functionality in my app is restricted.

    Next, click Add instructions and provide all the information that will help Google access the restricted parts of your app, including your Demo Account credentials.

    You can specify these instructions later under Policy and programmers > App content in the Google Play Console main menu.

    To proceed to the next step, enable the checkbox indicating that you allow Google to use the credentials that you provide for performance and app compatibility testing.

  • Ads

    Select the following option: No, my app does not contain ads.

  • Content rating

    Complete the questionnaire to help Google determine your app’s content rating.

    On the Category page, select All other app types.

    To learn more about these requirements, refer to Requirements related to content ratings for apps, games and the ads served on both.

  • Target audience

    To learn how to properly fill out this form, refer to Manage target audience and app content settings.

  • News apps

    You can skip this step, since your app will not be used for broadcasting news.

  • COVID-19 contact tracing and status apps

    You can skip this step, since your app will not be used for contact tracing.

  • Data safety

    For your app to be approved by Google, it is crucial that you properly fill out this form.

    Read the definition and the statement on the first page of the questionnaire, then click Next to proceed.

    • Data collection and security

      Answer Yes to the following questions:

      • Does your app collect or share any of the required user data types?

      • Is all of the user data collected by your app encrypted in transit?

      • Do you provide a way for users to request that their data is deleted?

    • Data types and Data usage and handling

      Enable the following checkboxes to indicate the types of personal information that your app collects:

      • Name

      • Email address

      • Address

      • Phone number

      The data about user location, user photo and financial data is not collected by default.

      Depending on your app’s configuration, it may also collect other data. Please make sure that you indicate the collected data according to the options that are specified in your B2Core Back Office.

      To learn more about filling this form, refer to Provide information for Google Play’s Data safety section.

  • Government apps

    You can skip this step, since your app doesn’t belong to this category.

  1. In Google Play Console main menu, select Store presence > Store settings, and then specify the following fields:

  • In App Category, make sure that the App or game field is set to App, and the app Category is indicated correctly (such as Financing or Cryptocurrency wallet or exchange apps). Then, add the required tags, such as Cryptocurrency.

  • In Store Listing contact details, specify the email address and phone number of a person responsible for publishing the app. This information will be displayed on the product page in Google Play.

  • If required, in External marketing, enable the checkbox indicating that you want to advertise your app outside Google Play.

  1. In Google Play Console main menu, select Store presence > Main store listing, and then provide the short and full descriptions for your app.

See also

For more tips on how to best prepare your app for publishing, refer to Best practice for your store listing.

After submitting your app for review, you can proceed with Step 5 as described below.

Step 5. Provide all necessary information to your Account Manager

Contact your Account Manager at B2Broker to inform the development team that they must prepare your app for publishing.

You need to provide the following information to your Account Manager, which will be passed over to the development team:

  • The credentials for your B2Core Demo Account.

  • The URL of your B2Core UI instance.

  • The email address of a person responsible for publishing your app.

  • A screenshot of the Play Console page showing the B2Broker company email that you specified when granting full access to your app (see Step 3 of this guide). The screenshot will help the B2Broker developer team confirm that it has in fact been granted access to your app.

In addition, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your preferences regarding the app icon (such as the required color scheme).

  • Your preferences regarding the app screenshots displayed on the product page on Google Play.

After your Account Manager contacts the B2Core development team, they prepare your app and upload the build to the Play Console.

The app then appears at the Google Play Console under Grow > Store presence > Main store listing, where you can specify the app description and other information.

Further on, with each B2Core release, the B2Core team will upload a new app version for you, and you only need to prepare release notes and take care about the regular maintenance of the app.


The release notes provided by B2Broker may not be fully applicable to your custom app, so you may need to edit them to make sure that the announced updates reflect the functionality featured by your app.

Once the app is ready to be published, inform your Account Manager whether you will roll out the app yourself or want the B2Core development team to do it for you.