How to update balances

You can deposit different amounts to wallets and trading accounts for your clients at once using the Update balances option.

To proceed, prepare a CSV file with the following information: email addresses of registered clients, account IDs to which funds should be deposited, and deposit amounts.

Download the template CSV file to ensure that your CSV file includes proper headers (such as Email,AccountID,Amount) and correctly structured data that is ready for updating balances.

Keep in mind the following:

  • The number of rows in a CSV file mustn’t exceed 800.

  • Use a comma ( , ) to separate data items in your CSV file. No other separators are accepted.

  • Specify decimal amounts for deposits using a dot ( . ) as the decimal separator.

  • If a client account appears multiple times in the CSV file, its balance will be updated based on the number of occurrences.

  • The Update balances option updates balances of demo accounts and archived accounts. To prevent deposits to archived accounts, ensure that your CSV file doesn’t contain IDs of archived accounts.


Don’t use the Update balances option for depositing funds when migrating client accounts between different platforms. This option is prohibited for such transactions.

Update client balances as follows:

  1. Navigate to Clients > Accounts.

  2. Click +Update balances in the upper-right page corner.

  3. In the Update balances popup, click Upload csv file and select a CSV file containing the required information for updating client account balances.

  4. To execute the action, click Save.

The funds are deposited to clients using the manual method.