How to set up a Slack bot

To be able to send event notifications in Slack, set up a Slack bot and obtain a token for its managing.


This instruction is created based on the latest version of Slack as of this writing. Due to possible changes to the procedures described here, we suggest that you consult the official Slack documentation or contact their support in case you have any questions.

To set up a Slack bot, do the following:

  1. Go to the Slack website and create a Slack app.

  2. In the Create an app window, click From scratch, and then fill in the following fields:

  • In the App name field, enter a name for your Slack bot. The bot name can be changed afterwards.

  • Select a Slack workspace for which you want to create the bot. The workspace cannot be changed.

  1. Click Create App.

  2. In the main menu, click App Home.

  3. On the App Home page, click Review Scopes to Add.

  4. Navigate to the Scopes section, click Add an OAuth Scope, and then add the following permission scopes to your bot:

  • chat:write

  • chat:write.public

  • users:read


For a list of all available permission scopes, refer to Permission scopes.

Add Slack bot scopes
  1. Navigate to the OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace section and click Install to Workspace.

After installing the app, copy the token for managing your Slack bot, which is displayed in the Bot OAuth User Token field.

Copy a Slack bot token
  1. In the B2Core Back Office, navigate to Systems > Settings.

  2. Paste the copied token into the Bot token field displayed under the SlackBot section.

  3. Click Save to apply the changes.