How to set up Apple push notifications

You can configure a connection to the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) to enable your iOS app to send push notifications when the following events occur:

  • a request to make a deposit is created

  • a request to update a client verification level is created

  • an existing announcement is updated

  • a response from the help desk is received

Configure a connection to the APNs:

  1. Navigate to System > External Connections, and click +Create in the upper-right corner of the page.

  2. In the Name field, specify the connection name used in the Back Office.

  3. In the Caption field, specify the connection caption used in the Back Office.

  4. In the Provider dropdown, select ApplePushNotification.

  5. Click Save to create the connection.

  6. On the Edit Connection page, set the Enabled field to Yes to enable the connection.


After enabling the connection, all the other connections that use the ApplePushNotification provider are disabled.

  1. In the Settings section, fill in the following fields:

  • In the App key id field, enter the key identifier of your iOS app.

  • In the App team id field, enter the identifier assigned to your development team after enrolling in the Apple Developer Program.

  • In the App bundle id field, enter the bundle identifier of your iOS app.

  • In the Private key content field, enter your private key required to access and authenticate communication with the APNs.

  • In the Production dropdown, select Yes to enable your iOS app to send push notifications.

  1. Click Save.

Push notifications are now sent to the users who have installed and signed in to your iOS app.