How to exchange funds

To exchange currencies in the Back Office, you can use any of the methods described below.

  1. Navigate to Clients > General in the menu.

  2. Select the client between whose accounts you want exchange funds.


You can use filters by name or email for quick search.

  1. Click the client name to go to details.

  2. Click the Transactions tab, then select Exchange.

  3. Click Create.

  4. Fill out the form:

  • Select a debiting account in the From account field.

  • Select a destination account in the To account field.

  • Select the Exchange type:

    • Source & Rate (Sell) — when selling currency, the destination amount cannot be set

    • Destination & Rate (Buy) — when buying currency, the source amount cannot be set

    • Source & Destination (Direct) — when making a direct transfer, the rates cannot be set

  • Set the exchange amounts and rates depending on a selected exchange operation type.

  • Confirm the operation by solving a simple math problem and provide the result in Verification code.

  1. Click Save to exchange the funds.