How to create an announcement

  1. Navigate to Promotion > Announcements in the menu.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Select the announcement Type:

  • Required — this announcement contains a button and blocks interactions with the B2Core UI until the client clicks this button

  • Optional — this announcement does not require any actions and appears as a notification

  1. Set the announcement Title.

  2. Click Save to create the announcement. The created announcement is disabled by default.

  3. To configure the announcement settings, click the Edit button located in the announcement row.

  4. Fill in the following fields:

  • Set localizations for Title if needed.

  • Set Enable to Yes.

  • Set Button Text — this field is only available if you create the announcement of a required type. Type a label for the button that will be added to your announcement.

  • Enter Targeted Emails if you want to send the announcement only to specified clients. You can also upload an emails list as a CSV file.

  • Type the announcement Text. Set localizations if needed.

  • Specify Button URL if needed. If this value is specified, the client, upon clicking the button, will be redirected to the specified URL.

  • Specify a lifetime for the announcement by selecting a date in the Due to Date field. The announcement expires on the specified date and is no longer displayed to clients in the B2Core UI.

  1. Click Save to activate the announcement.