How to configure SendGrid

First, register on the SendGrid platform to get API keys.

  1. Go to SendGrid website and register in the system.

  2. After registration, navigate to Settings > API Keys.

  3. Click Create API Key.

  4. Click the generated API key and make sure the Full Access option is checked.

  5. Copy the API key.

Then, configure SendGrid in the B2Core Back Office.

  1. Navigate to Mailing > Configuration.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Fill out the form:

  • Caption — enter the name that you want to use for the SendGrid configuration.

  • Platform — select SendGrid from the drop-down list.

  1. Click Save.

  2. Paste the copied API key to the API key field.

  3. Enter Sender address and Sender name.

  4. Switch Status to enabled.

  5. Click Save.

Finally, set up a webhook on the SendGrid platform.

  1. Go to SendGrid website.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Mail settings.

  3. In the Event Settings section, switch the Status option to enabled.

  4. Click Event Webhook and fill out the form:

  • Authorization Method — select None

  • Host URL — enter the URL specified in the Webhook URL field in the Mailing > Configuration section of the B2Core Back Office

  • Deliverability Data — check all the available checkboxes

  • Event Webhook Status — must be switched to enabled

  1. Click Save.