How to configure the default Dashboard

When clients sign in to the B2Core UI for the first time, they see the default Dashboard. As an admin, you can change the widgets and the layout of the default Dashboard to show the most important information for your clients.

The default dashboard configuration is restored by clicking the Reset button.

To set up the default dashboard configuration, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Promotion > Dashboard.

  2. For widgets that you want to show on the Dashboard, enable the switches located in the Show by default column.

  3. To allow clients to close widgets shown on the Dashboard, enable the switches located in the Delete column. For such widgets, the Close (тип) button will be available in the B2Core UI.

  4. To set up a widget size and location on the Dashboard, select a widget from the list, and then click the Edit button located in the Actions column.

  5. On the Edit screen, specify the widget size in points by entering integer values in the Width and Height fields.

    The dashboard width is limited by 50 points, and the width of a widget cannot exceed this value.

    The minimum width as well as the minimum and maximum height vary for each widget and depend on the data it displays. If the values that you have specified are not accepted, a corresponding error message is displayed.

  6. Locate the widget on the Dashboard by specifying the coordinates in the Position X and Position Y fields. Only positive values are accepted. Positions X and Y indicate the coordinates of the upper-left corner of the widget.

    To locate the widget on the Dashboard properly, the sum of the values specified in the Width and Position X fields must be less than or equal to the Dashboard width, which is 50 points.

    Width + Position X <= 50

  7. Click Save.


To display a Walkthrough widget in the form of a square in the rightmost part of the Dashboard, just below the banner section with the height of 12, you can specify the widget parameters as follows:

With these parameters, the Walkthrough widget will be displayed in the B2Core UI as follows:

Display of the widget size and location