Operation types

In this subsection you can view all types of operation supported in the system.


Operation type identifier in the system.


Operation type description.


Operation type name in the system.


Operation type class in the system.


Enabled or disabled.

To see operation type details, click the Edit button. Depending on the type, detailed information may contain additional options, such as:

  • Allowed operation status — a list of operation statuses which are displayed in the B2Core UI. Available for payouts, deposits, exchanges, transfers.

  • Holds — if Enabled, when a new payout is created its amount is blocked on the client’s account before debiting. Available for payouts.

  • Restrictions — general restriction for a specific type(s) of transfers. Available for transfers.

  • Hedging Restrictions — for selected client types exchanges will not be hedged. Available for exchanges. Multiple select available.