On this page, you can view a list of available currencies, add new currencies and configure their settings.


The numeric code that is used as a unique currency identifier.


The currency name displayed in the B2Core UI.


The alphabetic code of a currency (which is set by an admin when adding a currency to the system).

Markup: Sell

The sell commission markup specified as a percentage.

Markup: Buy

The buy commission markup specified as a percentage.


The number of decimal places displayed when representing amounts in a currency.

Block explorer

Applicable only for cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency block explorer. If set, the See details option (displaying the detailed information about transactions made in this currency) is available in the B2Core UI.

You can set the same sell/buy markup for all currencies by clicking the Change options button in the upper-right page corner and specifying the required values.

To modify currency settings, navigate to the currency details by clicking the Edit button located in the currency row.