Bonus presets

In the Bonus Preset subsection you can view a list of bonus templates and create a new one.


Identifier of the preset.


Platform of the bonus.


Name of the preset.


If Yes, the bonus is default for all clients.


The number of days after which the activated bonus expires, in days.

Lot per unit

Required amount of traded volume for bonus crediting. Must be greater than 0.

Set credit immediately

If Enabled, the bonus is credited immediately.

Ignored open/close interval

Minimal time interval during which a position must be opened for the bonus to be credited.

Ignored symbol groups

Currency pairs for which this bonus is not credited. Multiple select available.

Autoenable trading if balance > 0

If Enabled, trading with bonus funds is available only with a positive account balance. The system checks balances once an hour and deactivates bonuses for zero or negative balances.