Announcement is a notification displayed to clients via the B2Core UI.


The announcement identifier, which is automatically generated by the system.


The announcement type that identifies whether the announcement requires clients to take an action.

  • Required — the announcement contains a button and blocks further interaction with the B2Core UI until a client clicks this button.

  • Optional — the announcement does not require any actions from a client and is displayed as a notification.


The announcement title.


The announcement text.

Button URL

Specifies the URL to which a client will be redirected after clicking the button displayed in the announcement.

Button Text

Specifies the button label (this field is only available for announcements of a “Required” type).

Targeted Emails

The list of emails.


If set to Yes, the announcement is active.

To view the announcement details, click the Edit button. Detailed information contains the additional Announcement Reactions section — a list of clients who have seen the announcement (clicked a button displayed in the announcement or opened the announcement by clicking the Announcement icon) and the date and time when clients interacted with the announcement.