How-to articles

In this section, you can find step-by-step tutorials illustrating how to solve various tasks via the B2Core Back Office:

  • Manage clients

    Learn how to register clients in your B2Core system and manage the client data.

  • Manage finances

    Learn how to make deposit, withdrawal, and exchange operations, as well as create various financial reports.

  • Manage currencies

    Learn how to configure currencies, currency pairs and exchange rates.

  • Manage bonuses

    Learn how to manage bonuses and encourage your clients to trade more.

  • Manage products

    Learn how to create and configure wallets, accounts, and other products.

  • Manage cashback options

    Learn how to configure commission cashback plans for B2Trader and cashback reward programs for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

  • Manage advertising options

    Learn how to set up the banner section, dashboard, menus, and alerts displayed to your clients via the B2Core UI.

  • Manage mailing options

    Learn how to configure an SMTP service for communicating with your clients and connect your mailing service to an email delivery platform.

  • Manage verification options

    Learn how to set up a custom Know-Your-Customer verification service and connect it to any of the supported KYC providers.

  • Manage system settings

    Learn how to configure various B2Core settings, such as external connections, withdrawal and deposit options, localization service and client access permissions.

  • Manage trading platforms

    Learn how to enable and configure trading platforms integrated with B2Core.

  • Manage communication platforms

    Learn how to create and set up Slack and Telegram bots, as well as configure a connection to Twilio.

  • Manage Acrobat Sign templates

    Learn how to create document templates using Acrobat Sign, and then send them to clients for electronic signing.

In this section: