How to send an email

You can create an email to send it immediately or at a scheduled time, or save it as a template. You can also send this email to multiple recipients as part of a marketing mailing campaign.

  1. Navigate to Mailing > Marketing > Send Email and click +Create in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  2. Fill out the form:

  • Select a Template or leave this field empty. The template must be previously created in the system (for details, refer to How to create an email template).

  • Set the email Subject. It will be applied to a one-time email or to all emails based on this template.

  • Set a Description — type the internal email description, which will not be shown to recipients.

  • Set the date and time in Send at, or leave this field empty to send the email immediately after saving.

  • Set the destination email addresses in Send to. Click Send to all clients to send this email to all clients registered in the system. You can also upload a CSV file with email addresses. In the same way, you can specify the carbon copy (Cc to) and blind carbon copy (Bcc to) recipients.

  • Select the email service from the Platform drop-down list.

  • HTML text is a body of your email. You can preview the email by clicking Refresh preview. Plain text is also supported.

  • Click Choose Files to upload attachments to your email.

  1. Click Save to create the email or click Save as template to create a template.