How to resolve client requests

Some actions performed by your clients require a resolution (approval or rejection). A list of pending requests is accessible by clicking on the shield icon or from the menu (for quick search):

  1. Navigate to Clients > Requests in the menu.

  2. Select the request. You can use filters by client’s email, request type or any other criteria for quick search.

  3. Click the Edit button to view request details. Note that for some providers it is also possible to edit the deposit or payout amount directly in the request.

  4. Add comment if required — this comment will be displayed only in the Back Office. Your client will not be notified about this.

  5. Use the Options button to set the color of the request in the list.

  6. Click Audit to check the transaction. The system will summarize all incoming transactions on the account and show a notification if there is a significant discrepancy in the balance. This step requires the ‘Update requests’ permission.

  7. Click Approve or Reject to resolve the request.

If rejected:

  1. Select Resolution type and Resolution. The type and resolution must be previously created in the system, refer to How to create a request resolution type, How to create a request resolution.

  2. Confirm the rejection by solving a simple math problem and provide the result in the Verification code field.

  3. Click Ok to save changes.

After that an email notification about request resolution will be sent to the client.