How to determine why clients fail to receive email notifications

There may be several reasons why clients do not receive email notifications (for example, emails sent upon logging in to B2Core UI or successful execution of deposit or withdrawal operations):

  1. The required email template is not enabled.

  2. There are issues with the email service operation.

  3. There are issues with the SMTP server connection.

To determine the reason for email delivery failure, do the following:

  1. Track an email delivery with the Email log.

  • Navigate to Mailing > System > Log.

  • In the search box located in the Email column, enter the email address to which the email should have been sent.

If the Email log doesn’t contain a record of the required email having been sent to the specified email address, the reason for this may be that the corresponding email template has not been enabled.

  1. Check if an email template is enabled.

  • Navigate to System > Templates > Templates types.

  • Find the required email template in the list (for example, DepositSuccessful or WithdrawDone) and check if it is enabled.

  • If not, enable the template by clicking the Edit button located in the template row and selecting Yes from the Enabled drop-down list.

If enabling the template doesn’t solve the issue, check the email service operation and SMTP settings.

  1. Check the email service operation by sending test emails to your email address. For example, you can request to withdraw funds from one of your accounts and check if the corresponding email notification has been sent to your email address.

If you have received the email, this means there are issues with the email service operation on the client side.

If you have failed to receive the email, this means that there are issues with the SMTP server connection. To solve the issues, check your SMTP configuration settings or contact your SMTP service provider.