How to create a wallet

  1. Navigate to Products > Products in the menu.

  2. Click Create, then select eWallet from the drop-down list.

  3. Fill out the form:

  • The Platform field displays “eWallet”.

  • From the Platform Group drop-down list, select eWallet.

  • From the Currency drop-down list, select one or several currencies that you want to enable for the wallet.

  • In the Name filed, enter the wallet name that will be displayed in the Products.

  • From the Group drop-down list, select a group. The wallet will be displayed in the selected group in the B2Core UI.

  • From the Factory drop-down list, select 100 if a client’s account is denominated in currency subunits (for example, cents); otherwise, leave the default value 1.

  • From the Type drop-down list, select Personal.

  1. Click Save.

  2. Fill out details:

  • Set the Caption, which will be displayed in the B2Core UI. Set localizations if needed.

  • Set Status to Enabled.

  • Set Group rights to eWallet or select the Rights if group rights were not configured.

  • Set Max accounts to 1.

  • Set an external Link to display the available currencies or other information. This link appears in the B2Core UI as the i icon.

  • Set Autocreation on login to Yes to make this wallet available to each client upon initial log in to the B2Core UI.

  1. Click Save to apply the changes.