How to create a payout

Before creating a manual payout via the Back Office, make sure that the manual withdrawal method is created and enabled. To do this, navigate to System > Payout system > Payout methods. If the manual withdrawal method is not displayed on the Payout methods screen, create the method by following the instructions described in How to add a manual deposit or withdrawal method.

After the manual withdrawal method is created and enabled, follow the steps below to create a payout.

  1. Navigate to Clients > General in the menu.

  2. Select the client from whose account you want to create a payout.


You can use filters by name or email for quick search.

  1. Click the client name to go to details.

  2. Click the Transactions tab, then select Payout.

  3. Click Create.

  4. Select a client account from which you want to create a payout, then click Select.

  5. Fill out the form:

  • Make sure that the Method is set to manual. Check the account number and currency.

  • Set the payout Amount.

  • Set commissions.

  • Enable the Don’t send email option if you do not want to notify the client about the payout operation.

  • Confirm the operation by solving a simple math problem and provide the result in Verification code.

  • Add the Internal comment if needed. It will be displayed only in the Back Office.

  1. Click Save to create the payout.