How to create a bonus preset

  1. Navigate to Bonuses > Bonus Presets.

  2. Click Create, then select a platform.

  3. Fill out the form:

  • Name — the displayed name of the preset

  • Default — if Yes, the bonus is applied by default to all clients

  • Lifetime — the number of days after which the activated bonus expires

  • Lot per unit — the required amount of traded volume for bonus crediting. Must be greater than 0

  • Set credit immediately — if Enabled, the bonus is credited immediately

  • Ignored open/close interval — the minimum time interval during which a position must be opened for the bonus to be credited

  • Autoenable trading if balance > 0 — if Enabled, trading with bonus funds is available only with a positive account balance. The system checks balances once an hour and deactivates bonuses for zero or negative balances

  • Ignored symbol groups — the currency pairs for which this bonus is not credited. Multiple pairs can be selected.

  1. Click Save.