How to create a bonus preset

You can create one or several presets defining a number of parameters for bonus allocation.

To create a bonus preset, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Bonuses > Bonus Presets.

  2. Click Create, and then select a trading platform for which you want to create a bonus preset.

  3. Fill out the form:

  • Name — the name that you want to use for the preset in the Back Office.

  • Default — if Yes, the preset applies automatically to a client’s trading account once a bonus program is enabled for this account.

  • Lifetime — the number of days after which activated bonuses expire.

  • Lot per unit — the ratio applied to a specified bonus amount to determine the volume that must be traded by a client to receive a bonus.

    The value specified as Lot per unit applies to the bonus amount calculated based on a percentage specified in the Autocreated Bonus Percent field, which is available in the Bonuses section upon navigating to System > Settings. (To learn more about these options, refer to Example 1).

  • Set credit immediately

    If Enabled, bonuses from all bonus programs (if more than one is enabled for a client at the same time) are credited to a client’s trading accounts immediately.

    If Disabled, bonuses from different bonus programs (if more than one is enabled for a client at the same time) are credited to a client’s trading accounts one after another. Only after a bonus from the first bonus program is processed and credited, a bonus from the second bonus program is credited to a client.

  • Ignored open/close interval — the minimum time interval (in seconds) during which a position must be opened for a bonus to be awarded. (To learn more about this options, refer to Example 2).

  • Autoenable trading if balance > 0 — if Enabled, trading with bonus funds is available only with a positive account balance. The system checks balances once an hour and deactivates bonuses for zero or negative balances.

  • Ignored symbol groups — the currency pairs for which bonuses are not credited. Multiple pairs can be selected.

  1. Click Save to create the preset.

Example 1

This example illustrates how the Lot per unit and Autocreated Bonus Percent options work.

Consider that the Autocreate from deposit option is enabled, the Autocreated Bonus Percent option is set to 10%, and the Lot per unit option is set to 10 in the bonus preset.

A client transfers 50 USD to their trading account. A bonus that the client may receive is 10% of 50 USD, which is 5 USD. In order to receive this bonus, the client must trade the required volume that is calculated as follows: 5 USD / 10 = 0.5 lots.

In addition, the required volume of 0.5 lots must be traded within the period specified in the Lifetime field.

Example 2

This example illustrates how the Ignored open/close interval option works.

Consider that the Ignored open/close interval option is set to 30 seconds. This means that a client must keep a trade open for at least 30 seconds; otherwise, the volume of this trade isn’t added to the required volume (which is defined by the Lot per unit option) that the client must trade to receive a bonus.