How to configure a connection to Acrobat Sign

To configure a connection to Acrobat Sign in the B2Core Back Office, do the following:

  1. Navigate to System > External Connections, and then click +Create in the upper-right corner of the page.

  2. In the Create connection window that is displayed, specify the following settings:

  • In the Name field, specify a name that you want to use for the connection.

  • In the Caption field, specify a name that will be applied to the connection in the Back Office.

  • From the Provider drop-down list, select AdobeSign.

  1. Click Save to create the connection.

  2. On the Edit connection page, specify the following settings:

    • In the Client ID and Client Secret fields, specify the ID and Secret that you’ve created when setting up your Acrobat Sign profile.

    • From the Folder for Signed Documents drop-down list, select a folder to which signed documents will be automatically uploaded from Acrobat Sign.

      You can create a new folder by navigating to System > Client Folders, and then select this folder for storing signed documents.

      The signed document is uploaded from Acrobat Sign to the folder of a client who signed this document, and can be found on the Files tab on the client details page.

  3. Click Save to apply the changes.

  4. On the Connections page, click the Edit button located in the row listing the created connection.

  5. To send an authorization request to Acrobat Sign, click the Authorize button.

After authorization has succeeded, you can create document templates in Acrobat Sign, upload them to the B2Core Back Office and send documents created based on the templates to clients for signature.