How to automatically credit bonuses to clients upon deposits

You can automatically credit bonuses to your clients for depositing funds to their trading accounts. In this case, the bonus amount is calculated as a percentage of the deposited amount. For details of the process of awarding bonuses to clients, refer to Introduction to bonuses.

To configure the automatic process of crediting bonuses upon deposits:

  • Configure settings for automatic bonus crediting on the System > Settings page (proceed to the steps listed below).

  • Create a bonus preset for each trading platform on which you want bonuses to be automatically credited upon deposits. Ensure to mark these presets as default (for details, refer to How to create a bonus preset). Only one default preset can be created for each trading platform.


If there is no default preset for a specific trading platform, automatic bonuses won’t be credited to client trading accounts opened on that platform.

To configure settings for automatic bonus crediting upon deposits:

  1. Navigate to System > Settings.

  2. In the Bonuses section, specify the following settings:

  • Set Autocreate from deposit to Enabled.

  • In the Autocreated bonus percent field, enter the percentage of a deposit amount, which you want to credit as a bonus to your clients.

  • In the Auto Bonus Limit field, specify the maximum bonus amount that can be credited to a client trading account automatically. If the calculated bonus amount exceeds this limit, only the maximum allowed amount will be credited.

  • In the Auto Bonus Minimum field, specify the minimum amount that clients must deposit or transfer to their trading accounts to trigger automatic bonus crediting for each operation. This minimum amount isn’t related to the total sum of deposits made by a client.

  • Set the Burn if balance < 0 option to Enabled to burn the bonus credit when the account balance becomes negative.

  • Set the Burn on Withdrawal option to Enabled to burn the bonus credit when a client withdraws funds from their trading account.

  1. Click Save to apply the changes.


This example illustrates how to interpret the requirements for automatic bonus crediting upon deposits, based on the settings configured on the System > Settings page and the default bonus preset named MT 4:

Bonus settings The default bonus preset

Suppose that a client deposits funds to their trading account opened on the MetaTrader4 Live platform. Given that Autocreate from deposit is set to Enabled and the default bonus preset for MetaTrader4 Live is available on the Bonus presets page, the client is eligible to receive a bonus for their deposit. The requirements for receiving the bonus are detailed below:

Bonus setting


Autocreated bonus percent = 10

Indicates that 10% of a deposited amount can be received by a client as a bonus.

For example, if a client deposits 300 USD to their trading account, the client can receive a bonus of 10% of 300 USD, which is 30 USD.

Auto Bonus Minimum = 100

Indicates that a client must deposit a minimum of 101 USD to their trading account to be able to receive the bonus.

In this example, the client deposited 300 USD that meets the given requirement.

Auto Bonus Limit = 500

Indicates that the maximum bonus amount cannot exceed 500 USD.

In this example, the calculated bonus amount is 30 USD, so the full bonus of 30 USD is added to the client trading account as credit.

Set credit immediately = Enabled

Indicates that after depositing funds, the bonus amount is immediately added to the client trading account as credit, without waiting for the completion of any other bonus program on that account.

Lot per unit = 0.1

This setting is applied to the calculated bonus amount to determine the volume that must be traded by the client: Required volume = Bonus amount / Lot per unit = 30 / 0.1 = 3 lots

Lifetime (days) = 3

To receive the bonus credit on the account balance, the client must trade the required volume within 3 days after the bonus credit is added to their trading account. The traded volume is calculated based on the volume of closed positions. Moreover, these positions must be opened after the bonus is credited to the client account.

For example, if the client opens a position, then deposits funds and receives the bonus credit, and subsequently closes the position, the volume of that closed position won’t contribute to the required traded volume.

Ignored open/close interval (sec) = 5

The client must keep positions open for at least 5 seconds for them to be counted towards the required traded volume.

Ignored symbol groups = USDDKK

If the client trades the symbols from the selected group, the volume of these trades isn’t counted towards the required traded volume.

Burn if balance < 0 = Enabled

Indicates that if the account balance becomes negative, the bonus credit of 30 USD will burn.

Burn on Withdrawal = Disabled

Indicates that withdrawals from the client trading account doesn’t cause burning of the bonus credit.