Client rights

On this page, you can create and edit permission levels indicating which operations clients are allowed to make in the B2Core UI.

Permission levels are associated with verification levels. When clients obtain a particular verification level, they are granted the permissions associated with this verification level.


To grant specific permissions to a client, switch to the Settings tab on the client details page, and then select the required permissions in the Rights section.

General information

The following information is provided about each permission level:


The description of a permission level.

Created At

The date and time when a level was created.

Updated At

The date and time when a level was updated.

Default (Y/N)

If Y, this permission level is the default one and is assigned to all clients that were granted the initial verification level.

To view permission level details, click the Edit button.


On the details page, you can view the following additional information and select the permissions that you want to grant to your clients at this level:


The name of a level.


The description of a level.

Parent Role

The previous permission level that clients must obtain before they can get this level. This field is not applicable to the default permission level.

The following permission options are available:


If selected, clients are allowed to obtain a higher verification level in the B2Core UI.


If selected, clients can exchange funds in the B2Core UI.


If selected, clients can deposit funds in the B2Core UI.


If selected, clients can withdraw funds in the B2Core UI.

Internal Transfers

If selected, funds can be transferred from one client to another within the same B2Core system.