When your client creates a new request, it appears in the request list.

All incoming requests are assigned the Pending status and must be resolved by you on an individual basis (approved or rejected).

By default, only pending requests are listed on this page. The bell icon displayed in the top panel indicates the total number of pending requests.

You can export page data to a CSV or XLSX file. To do this, click the Export button in the upper-right page corner, choose a file format, and then select whether to download the data to your computer or deliver it to an email address from your profile. The data in a resulting file matches both the current visibility settings and the applied sorting and filtering parameters.

General information

The following information is provided about each client request:

The sequence number of a request.

Client ID

The identifier of a client who submitted a request.

Client name

The name of a client who submitted a request.

Client email

The email address of a client who submitted a request.


The tags assigned to a client that are used to sort the client list displayed to Back Office administrators.


The request type:

  • Account — a request to create an account (when such a request is required for a specific product)

  • Archive — a request to archive a trading account

  • Avatar — a request to upload a client profile picture

  • Deposit — a request to deposit funds

  • Payout — a request to withdraw funds

  • Transfer — a request to transfer funds between accounts of the same client

  • Internal transfer — a request to transfer funds from one client to another within the same B2Core system

  • Verification — a request to update a client’s verification level based on submitted documents

  • Client Test — a request to check the results of a client accreditation test

  • Introducing brokers — a request to join an IB program

Internal client type

For internal use: the internal category assigned to a client.


The current status of a request:

  • Pending — the request was submitted but has not yet been resolved by the administrator

  • Approved — the request was approved by the administrator

  • Rejected — the request was rejected by the administrator

Verification Level

The verification level obtained by a client.


The date when a request was submitted.

Processing date

The date when a request was resolved.

Account number

The identifier of a client’s account.


The transaction amount.


The transaction currency.


The method used to deposit or withdraw funds.

Transaction ID

The transaction identifier in the system.

Company Short

The short name of a client’s company.

Company Full

The full name of a client’s company.

Dealing approved

An internal status indicating whether a transaction was approved by the Finance Department.

Compliance approved

An internal status indicating whether a withdrawal has passed a compliance check.

Liquidity account

The client’s liquidity account (applicable only for B2Core and B2Trader solutions).

To view the details, click the Edit button.


Click the Add comment button to add a comment to a request.

Click the Options button to set the color with which a request is highlighted in the list.

The admins with the Update requests permission can also check a transaction by clicking the Audit button. The system will then summarize all incoming transactions on a corresponding account and show a notification if a significant discrepancy is found on the balance.

For some payment systems, it is also possible to change the amount to be deposited or withdrawn directly, by editing a corresponding request.