When your client creates a new request, it will appear in the requests list. All new requests are pending* and require your resolution (approve or reject), for a list of resolutions refer to Resolutions.

Requests in the list are filtered by Pending status by default for your convenience. You can also see a number of pending requests on the bell icon in the top panel.

Sequence number of the request.

Client ID

Identifier of the client who submitted the request.

Client name

Name of the client who submitted the request.

Client email

Email address of the client who submitted the request.


Tag(s) assigned to the client. The tags are used to adjust the display of the client request list for the Back Office administrators, refer to Users for details.


Request type:

  • Archive — trade account archiving

  • Deposit — funds depositing

  • Payout — funds withdrawal

  • Transfer — internal funds transaction

  • External transfer — external funds transaction

  • Verification — changing of verification level

  • Profile — first name / last name changing

  • Account — account creation (if request is required for this product)

  • Introducing brokers — joining the IB program

Internal client type

This field is used for internal purposes only.


Current status of the request:

  • Pending — request was sent but has not yet been processed by the administrator

  • Approved — request was approved by the administrator

  • Rejected — request was rejected by the administrator

Verification Level

Verification level of the client.


Date of request submitting.

Processing date

Date of request resolution.

Account number

Identifier of the client’s account.


Transaction amount.


Transaction currency.


Method which is used to deposit or withdraw funds, refer to Deposit methods, Payout methods for details.

Transaction ID

Transaction identifier in the system.

Company Short

Short name of the client’s company.

Company Full

Full name of the client’s company.

Dealing approved

This status is used for internal purposes only. It reflects the result of the operation check by the finance department.

Compliance approved

This status is used for internal purposes only and identifies whether a compliance check for a withdrawal operation has been passed.

Liquidity account

Client’s liquidity account, applicable only for B2Core and B2Trader solution.

To see details, click the edit button. You can add comment to the request (Add comment button) or set the color of the request in the list (Options button).

Admins with Update requests permission can also check the transaction (Audit button): the system will summarize all incoming transactions on the account and show a notification if there is a significant discrepancy in the balance.

For some providers it is also possible to edit the deposit or payout amount directly in the request.