This subsection contains a list of created reports and general information.


Report identifier in the system.


Report schedule:

  • Daily — the report is sent every day

  • Weekly — the report is sent once a week

  • Monthly — the report is sent once a month

Date slice

Data period (specified time is server time):

  • Day — previous day from 00:00 to 23:59

  • Week — previous week from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59

  • Month — previous month from the first day of the month 00:00 to the last day 23:59

  • Curweek — previous 7 days from the first day 00:00 to yesterday 23:59

  • Overall — from the very beginning to yesterday 23:59

  • Curmonth — from the first day of the current month 00:00 to yesterday 23:59

File format

File format in which the report is sent.


Report caption.

Mail to

Destination email address.

Last run

Date and time of the latest report generation.


Current report status.