MT4 accounts

On this page, you can view a list of all client MetaTrader 4 accounts. This list may be displayed across several tabs, according to the number of active MT platforms created in the Back Office.


To view the MT4 accounts of a particular client, switch to the MT Accounts tab on the client details page.

General information

To view accounts belonging to specific MT groups, select one or several groups from the MT Group drop-down list.

The following information is provided about each MT account:

Account ID

The identifier of an MT account in the system.

Client ID

The identifier of a client in the system.

Client Email

The client’s email address.

Client Name

The client’s name.

MT Group

The group to which an MT account belongs.


The account leverage.

Open Positions

The number of open trades on an account.

Orders Total

The number of executed trades on an account.


The currency in which an account is denominated.


The current balance on an account.


The account credit.


The account equity.


The account margin.

Free Funds

The free funds available for trading on an account.


The profit earned on an account.


The total amount of commissions paid for trading on an account.


The total amount of swap fees paid on an account.


The profit-loss value calculated for an account.

To view account details, click the Edit button related to a selected account.


On the details page, you can switch between the following tabs:

  • Open positions (this tab is displayed by default) — a list of open trades on an account.

  • All deals — a list of executed trades on an account.

  • Pending orders — a list of all limit orders placed on an account.

  • Deposits/Withdrawals — a list of all deposits and withdrawals made on an account.