MetaTrader Volume

You can configure cashback reward programs for clients who trade on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

The cashback is rewarded for the volumes traded on MT accounts over a day, based on closed positions, and deposited to clients the following day. For example, the cashback for the volumes traded on May 24 is rewarded to clients on May 25.

From the MetaTrader Volume menu, you can access the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 pages to configure cashback programs for each platform.

Each page is divided into two tabs:

Preferences tab

On this tab, you can configure the following settings of a cashback reward program for MT4 or MT5:


If Enabled, the cashback program is enabled for the MT4 or MT5 platform; otherwise, Disabled.

Cashback value (per lot)

The fixed rate per each traded lot. The cashback value can be denoted as an integer or decimal value.

The cashback amount is calculated as follows:

Cashback amount = Cashback value * Number of traded lots

Cashback currency

The cashback program currency.

The cashback is calculated only for the volumes traded on MT accounts denominated in the cashback program currency. In addition, this is the currency in which the cashback is paid to clients.

To receive the earned cashback, a client must have an account of the trade or personal type, denominated in the cashback program currency.

For example, the cashback rate is 0.7 and the cashback program currency is USD. For the volume of 10 lots traded on the MT account denominated is USD, the cashback is calculated as follows:

0.7 * 10 = 7

The cashback of 7 USD is rewarded to the owner of the MT account.

Account destination type

The type of the account to which the cashback is rewarded:

  • Trade — the cashback is rewarded to the client’s MT trading account on which the volume taken for cashback calculations has been traded.

  • Personal — the cashback is rewarded to the client’s account of the personal type, such as a wallet, denominated in the cashback program currency.

If the Personal account type is selected, ensure that your clients have personal-type accounts in the required currency; otherwise, the earned cashback can’t be deposited to them.

By default, the Trade account type is selected.

Ignored symbols groups

A list of ignored symbols.

The trades made in the selected symbols are excluded from cashback calculations.

Accounts platform groups allowance

A list of MT account groups.

By default, all the account groups configured on the MT platform are selected.

If the Accounts number allowance field is empty, all the MT trading accounts included in the groups selected in Accounts platform groups allowance field are rewarded the cashback.

Accounts number allowance

A comma-separated list of MT account numbers.

By default, the list is empty.

If one or more MT account numbers are listed in this field, only the listed accounts are rewarded the cashback and the Accounts platform groups allowance option is ignored.


The date when the cashback program were last modified.

Tiers tab

On this tab, you can manage the tiers that determine the increased cashback rates for clients who have traded certain volumes over a day.

View the following information about each cashback reward tier:


The tier name.

Trading volume, lots

The volume, in lots, that must be traded in order to receive the increased cashback.

Cashback value

The increased cashback rate that is used instead of the rate specified on the Preferences tab if the volume traded on an MT account over a day has reached the required tier volume.

Created at

The date and time when the tier was created.

Updated at

The date and time the tier was last modified.