Antifraud settings

The following antifraud events are supported:

Identical IP Used By Multiple Accounts

Someone logged in from the same IP address for the period specified in the settings.

Multiple Withdrawals with No Trading Activity

Withdrawal attempt by a client who does not trade.

Identical Withdrawal Wallet Address Used By Multiple Accounts

Withdrawals to the same wallet were made by other clients.

Identical Phone Number Used By Multiple Accounts

Other client has verified this phone number.

Identical Email Used By Multiple Accounts

The same email address has been ever used by another client.

Excessive Deposits Sum

The total amount of the client’s deposits exceeds the amount specified in the settings (in EUR).

Frequent Deposits

Once a day checks if the number of deposits has exceeded the limit specified in the settings for the selected period.

Verification Level Unauthorised Change

Admin whose email is not listed in the Exceptions has changed the verification level.

Excessive B2Trader Trades Amount

The number of trades for the specified period exceeds the limit specified in the settings, applicable only for B2Core and B2Trader solution.

B2Trader Arbitrage Triangle

The client has exceeded the arbitration triangle limit for the selected period, applicable only for B2Core and B2Trader solution.

For each event you can set:


A list of IPs or emails to which the selected event is not applied (notification is not triggered). Patterns of email addresses are supported. For example, if the exception rule is created for user*, the antifraud system will not be triggered for any address which starts with user and ends with like, etc.

Notifications emails

Only registered users of the Back Office.


Available for most of the events: specify the trigger, for example, max deposit amount for a period. Setting options depend on the event type.